Hi guys,
I've been trying to connect my Hp laptop to the wireless internet but it won't. It's on DHCP but it can't receive the default gateway. Plus it's getting a Public ip address and it's saying Access only Local.
I've tried everything but nothing!!
Laptop running Vista, and all other laptops are getting Internet very well!

Some clues on what may be the problem??

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Try giving it a fixed address in the upper part of your normal DHCP range. You need to check one of your other computers to see what range your router is using for DHCP. For example if it is a Linksys Router set the following for your network address on the wireless card:


Save the information and see if you connect. If it works then reset it for DHCP and see if you can connect without the fixed IP.


if the above given solution does not work try an external wireless network adapter....if it works then go back to the configuration of your wireless network adapter and try tamper with the settings....please give us any feedback it will help us help u


Hey, actually the first one has worked, thanks a lot guys.
But won't there be a problem if another computer in the network gets the same address?


Glad it worked.

Yes there would but both systems would complain about a system being on the same IP. That is why I suggested that you use .100 for the IP. DHCP will always use the lowest IP's available first and as long as you are not connecting over 90 systems to your home network, it will probably never occur.

Since it is seeing the router properly now you can try going back to the get an IP address automatically setting and see if it still connects ok when it has been disconnected for a day or two. But you fon't have to change what you have now if you don't want to.

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