Well, we have one intranet at home where several systems are connected to our main server which holds the backups for the connected systems, with backups I mean personal files and not the programs or operating systems.

Anyway, due to security, there are several layers of connectivity before this server is/can be reached and that is what makes it an intranet, since there are no in/out internet connections once one of the linked systems gets a online connection.

Each system can communicate over the intranet to the other system, without having to have access to the internet.

Now we will soon have an additional network where it bypasses the intranet and only requires internet connection. The add-on systems (like a temporary computer or laptop) should only get internet, and should not get intranet connection.

I hope you still understand.

For this, we have a seperate internet connection, which is allowed to share the line. With a switch/router the connection can be used.

Now is my question;
what is one of the existing systems require access to this internet connection, because it does happen from time to time that the default internet connection drops.

How could I possibly setup these two different networks.
One (intranet/internet)
Two (internet) (with possibility for 1 or 2 systems from network one to connect to network two)

Does this require all connections being handled by a professional switch, hub or otherwise? Or am I just limited to switching cables between systems?

your answer might be load balancing. if I am reading your question correctly. You can set up iptables to load balance 2 internet connections.

however if you have 2 gateways you can always manually input the gateway address to your client node and traffic outbound should automatically reroute.

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