I have a Wireless-G Broadband Router that is connected to another router that connects my computer to the internet. Im trying to access the setup of this but when i go to and type in the orginal password i cant login. I get 401 Unauthorized Authorization required. Im accessing it a wireless network card so its not directly connected to the router.
I didn't setup this router orginally so could it be im typing in the wrong password or is it something else. The orginal password being username: (empty) and password:admin

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You have the correct default user name and password, but remote administration via a wireless connection is disabled by default on those routers. You will need to connect to the router directly (via an Ethernet cable) in order to access the setup pages.


i tried doing what you said still the same problem.


OK- you'll still need to keep the wired connection though; what I said about the wireless management restriction still stands.

- Can you at least ping the router?

- Are you sure that the router's default password hasn't been changed? Anyone with a bit of security sense would have done that when the router was first set up.


So are you saying that you managed to get it sorted out now? It isn't quite clear from what you posted.


Cool; just wanted to make sure.

One suggestion though: disable the wireless/remote management option again, or anyone with half a mind who gets in range of your router will be able to have a lot of fun with your network. :eek: :eek:

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