I've been having a ton of problems with my Laptop/Xbox 360. About 80% of the time I can't use both of them at the same time. Sometimes, just my Xbox alone seems unable to function through my wireless network. I'm not sure what the problem is though. I have a 24MBPS internet speed, and while using both my laptop and Xbox my speed (according to Speedtest.net) is about .15 MBPS. I'm using AT&T U-verse, their default wireless router. It's a 2wire, not sure about the model. The Laptop will work completely fine if my Xbox is off though.

I guess what I'm asking is if there are any good solutions? Would maybe disabling that routers Wifi signal and purchasing a top of the line wireless router help my situation? Thanks a ton.

not familiar with the at&t wireless router. are their any other machines that are using this internet connection besides your laptop and X-Box? if not chances are your router may not be configured properly. A typical home router setup uses NAT(Network Address Translation) to share a single IP address on the internet if this is not enabled then you have two devices competing for the same ip address perhaps from your provider(which would imply a direct connection to the internet i.e. no firewall..very bad thing!)