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I want to ask u about the Shortest path for routing , I want to make a project to calculate the shortest path for send the packets , so what's your suggestion ?? and can I make an algorithm to calculate the shortest path depending on the bandwith?

Thanks in advance

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Thx for your reply , I want to ask you another questiom , in these days the using of dynamic routing has been increased in data transmission security , Distance vector is one of the algorithms that used to do that purpose , In fact there are another algorithms like "Link state" algorithm but each one of them has it special use , so it's possible to make a merge between 2 algorthims (like hyprid) ?

I know Cisco routers support route distribution i believe its called. So you could have one network EIGRP, and the next network OSPF. Or one being RIP, or another OSPF. This is typically not done unless there's a reason for it. Most people as far as I know praise OSPF as its not Cisco dependent, and doesnt have the limits of RIP.

thx again for the reply ,actually maybe each one of them has it's own features that cann't exist in the other , let's assume that EIGRP it's easy to implement but it has weak security , and OSPF it has a strong secutiy but its complex , so my idea was making a merge system can have "some" of thier architectural ...

well EIGRP is proprietary so cant really look at that. For feature differences theyre fairly minimal between protocols

This all falls under the category of Graph Theory... no?

I would imagine looking into path finding algorithms like Dijsktra's would be a good place to focus on since so many routers use it.

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