hello everybody, i have done CCNA and CCNP, and i wanted to do CCIE security, pls show me right path..

which is the best institute for ccie security in new delhi or gurgaon or noida side?

i don't want bootcamps, actually i am fresjer and don't want fast track training..

and also tell me that should a fresher do ccie security or not?
and can i get job in usa or uk after ccie lab cleared?

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If you have your CCNA and CCNP, you are more than qualified to work in the US or UK. But you must have some sort of on the job experience, or at least lab experience. If you get a CCIE without any work experience, then it's not likely that employers will want to hire you... Employers want to see that you have entry level experience, and are trainable.

I subscribe to brandon, you need experience.

thanks for your replies..

tell me one more thing that what salary could i expect if i clear ccie security lab?

The short answer is: Possibly over 100k (based on some quick research) given you have worked in a company or moved through the 'ranks' and gained enough experience and promotions. Ironically, that pay is based more so on your ability to manage others and delegate tasks than performing advanced network configuration and design. I don't think you could get a salary increase just on the certification alone.

Your salary would be none if you can't get employment due to over qualification. The CCIE is for those who have worked in the networking field for a very long time, with much on the job experience, and have moved up to more advanced tasks. You can't get your first network administration job doing the same things as those who have been in the same field for years. I think you might be approaching this the wrong way. If you are looking for work now, I'd suggest you find entry level IT work and show you can master the tasks they give you before you go interviewing for higher paying work.

@ brandonrunyon

thanks for your reply..

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