wat r the types of cables do u use 4 a lan

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Well, I ignore the fact that the question is unclear! The cables used actually depends on the lan setup. Could be utp or tp cat 5 or 6. It all depends with the size of the network. Unless the question means otherwise, i guess that'll help.


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generally twisted pair is used in lan. if it is a small office in a room or building. but it depends on size of networks and distance of network. twistet pair, coaxible cable and fiber optical are used.

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To,Connect to Lan Cat5 cable is used but there is climping sequence for connecting into LAN for Similar devices the cabling should be Cross Cabling and for dissimilar devices it should be Staraight Cabling.The colour sequence makes sense in cabling and if the colour sequence is not maintained then one cannot connect to Lan systems.

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