ever since I connected my new belkin n wireless router (F5D8233-4) I am unable to access the internet - receive page cannot be displayed along with ://C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM/SHDOCLC.DLL/dnserror.htm error. I connected the router to my laptop and was able to go wireless. With my pc I cannot so I dont believe its the router. I am able to ping google.com in the cmd prompt, but cannot get e-mail or any web page. I was told to uninstall ie 6, but is there any alternative and why am I receiving this stupid error. working on it 4 days now........help. oh yeah running xp sp2.

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ping google

type the IP adress into internet explorer

if that works then it means the problem is with your DNS setup.

make sure u configured router properly ping for router only to ur isp dns or yahoo, google.
or check r internet properties may be u r using some proxy.

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