Hi all!

I have a notebook (w/ win2000), my brother has a PC (w/ win xp). The two comp's are connected to the Net (cable modem connection) via a broadband router. The problem is the following: my brother uses DC++ quite often but this is only possible if his PC is connected directly to the Net - in other words, only if his comp is connected to the modem instead of the router in which case of course i do not have net on my notebook. I suppose this is only a question of configuration, but as I am not really good at this comptech stuff, it seems to be a mission impossible for me. (DC++ was installed by an IT-mad friend who is not available for some months now).

Thanks for any help!


Routers have built-in firewalls. Firewalls block all port traffic for all ports that aren't necessary for basic activities. DC++ needs a port to be "forwarded" to the machine that it is running on and needs to be setup to listen to that specific port in order to operate. Use this guide to learn how to properly set everything up.