Today i got a new laptop with windows 7.I am having a problem connecting wireless to it.The router is a D-link DIR-615 VER-D2.The problem really is that i have had this router for a couple of months and never used it and i have lost the CD for it.I connect all the wires and nothing happen on either router no activity at all.My laptop wont pick it up, its only picks up 3 other newtworks which of course arent mine.does anyone know what i could do to solve this, i really am hoping to get this connected tonight, thanks guys.

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You say there is no activity at all on the router? Try unplugging it, holding down the reset button for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in.

If a power light comes on at that point, plug a computer into it, then open an internet browser and type in

The username is admin and the password can be left blank. You should be able to configure everything from there.

Good luck! I have the DIR-655 and it's been a great router.

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