Ok, first off my name is Alex. I am a CIS major at WTAMU University in Canyon Texas. I got my IT experience in the USAF where I spent 5 years as everything from help desk, to network admin. I have since gotten our of the military and now work for a local county government in the IT dept. My work here has been limited to small computer repairs so I have lost my step when it comes to networks. In the military, I never got to set up a domain, just administer the existing ones.

So here is my situation. I have now been tasked with getting my local counties network switched over to a domain. We are currently set up as a simple workgroup. I am looking through my books from a Windows 2003 Server class that I went to but it seems as if most of the info pertains to upgrading an existing NT domain. Additionally, we have a variety of systems on our network including an AS/400e and a RS/6000. Operating systems range from 98 to XP, but most are on 2000. So the problem that I am facing is that I need to convert this workgroup to a Active Directory domain, and still ensure that we have no issues with running the IBM machine. Can you direct me to any good resources where I can brush up on this?

Thank you in advance,