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General Networking Questions?

Ok, so I am good with computers in general, but my weakness is Networking by far. so........

1) We had someone set up our network for us, I have no idea how to add a comptuer to my network when I can see my network in "view workgroup computers".

2) I want to set up a server for everyone to be able to save documents on it.

3)Is there any way to combine two networks in the same house to act as one?

4)If I am hosting a website, is a switch safer to use than a Hub?

I need to know how to do everything in the list above, PLEASE HELP ME!!!


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I'll start with the easy one -- There is no security in unmanaged switches and hubs. I would use an auto-sensing switch because it "switches" full bandwidth (speed) of the network to each computer. A hub, on the other hand splits the bandwidth (big difference)!

If you are hosting a website, you need a static IP (not DHCP).

You may need a network bridge to combine two networks... Do you really have more than one?

I would recommend Network Attached Storage, or FreeNAS on a PC.

I'll help you through it, but let's start by understanding what you have there. Who do you use for an ISP? What equipment do you have? How is everything wired?

My be frank advice is you join ccna classic to know basic networking knowledge.


It is simple to set up a network using the built in network setup in vista or XP where you can access the hardrive of another PC from your Main PC(Server)

You can also run Win 2003 or 2008 (trial)in virtual PC(free with Microsoft) mode and set up a domain,where every PC can log in to the Main Server(virtual) to file share and vis versa

You can set up Web Site using IIS installed in win 2003 using

The Firewall is your main security

I would suggest keeping to the simple option and using the basic network using built in software

Extract from another site re static IP and dynamic

So what is the reason why people want dedicated IP?. The main reason is if you planning to use SSL on your site, then you need dedicated IP.If not then either static IP or shared IP doesn't make any difference.


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