i have a problem
the organization in which i works have noted my mac address, whenever i surfs social networking they come to know. is their any way to surf these sites without letting them know

please nybody help

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Nope each network card is hard coded with a MAC address that cannot be changed. Does your company have a proxy in place?

there's a utility called 'hotspot shield' that you can install which will encrypt your traffic and send it to a server, basically a proxy, which will then interact with the internet. it's pretty cool and it's free. there are countless other solutions available for this, but that's the easiest that i can think of. bottom line here, you just need your company not to know you're communicating with those websites, and if you're only sending traffic to one place that's not any of those websites, you should be good.

try to change your MAc address..

What operating system are you using tom 1. Different os have different ways to change the MAC adress, are you using windows, mac or others.

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