I was trying to host a website only on my lan using IIS on my windows 7 computer.I was able to open it from my own machine but not anyother machine on the network .I am using linksys wirless router at home to connect to computer,ffrom this i'm even able to share files between diffrent computer at home. can anyone tell me what is the problem, please.

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Hey Abhigame,

Windows 7 has three different built in firewalls Domain, Private, and Public. I have a hardware firewall at home and work. So I always keep my OS firewalls disabled.

I would first disable all of them and test your site again. I would also check that your antivirus doesn't have some type of built in firewall as well. Also something to keep in the back of your mind if the firewall turns out to be your problem. Some MS patches will automatically enable your firewall even if it is disabled.

Oh to change the firewall setting you want to click start and type "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" do not select "windows firewall" it doesn't show all the settings.

thank you for your help!!
it worked

Glad I was able to help :)

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