Hi I am running xp on both my laptop & pc, whilst my daughter runs a macbook but even when there is nothing running in the house I have to keep rebooting the cable box & the d-link router at least 5 or 6 times a night, sometimes more when the other two computers are on, also my laptop has an annoying power surge on USB port pop up window & I keep also getting a virtual memory low window, any help on these issues would be greatly appreciated
Pat Walker

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You state that there is no internet connection. What do you mean, which computer can't access internet or both. You mean you keep reseting the modem and router. Have you tried using an ethernet cable to connect to your computer. And when you use a cable can you access your internet. Please be more specific about your problem

i think your router is old and you need to buy new router either new cables.. This only is the solution for the resetting correct network..

How long have you been using your router, if it is old, time for a new one. Hope you can come and update on your progress we seriously need more information

it could be a modemrouter issue or the ISP of your internet connection has a problem, report to your ISP provider tell them you experience internet intermittend....

you have to update router's software (firmware) from the manufacture website, you can access your router configuration setting from your web browser and look for system or software is different from vendor to vendor and update it to get latest performance and security updates.
Good luck

Hi I'm sorry I have been so busy that I haven't had time to answer, I went & bought a new router & I now have everything working perfectly at home except for the virtual memory pop up thing but I'll try & read more posts for that so I shall mark this thread as solved

If you still have any problem please come back and post we will be willing to help you. Good luck

If you still have any problem please come back and post we will be willing to help you. Good luck

I have posted another post regarding winweb security 2008 adware which has now infected my work computer but have not had any success removing it I can't download any spyware removal as it is blocking my internet, task manager, system restore & regedit so i don't know what to do

You can post the link to the thread, i will go and take a look

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