Cisco has wthdrawn their WUSB
600N_Win7_driver_ver3.00.01.0.zip driver. I need to install this on a Windows7 Pro machine. Does anyone have a copy they could share so I could try it before their senior tech calls in 48 hours? I am trying to install on a client site. Tnx

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Not sure what version of the adapter you have, but here is the drivers for V2:
WUSB600Nv2_Win7_3_1_0_1_0.zip and the Directiosn to install manually.

Also from my understanding you can install the latest vista supported drivers and install them without any problems in Win 7.... You can give it a try: WUSB600N_v1.01.00_dr.zip


Wonder if my call spurred them to put this up (its a later version than the one I was looking for)? Thanks. Will try it.

The Vista version would only do G connections and wasn't stable. It is for a senior citizen, so it wasn't worth leaving it like that.


Thanks for this link! It kept giving security errors during install, but did install. So far, its only giving g-level performance (and the same adapter with XP drivers is reaching the same routers with n performance on an XP machine), but it is stable. Watching for the next Cisco update for performance, but will mark the thread closed.

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