Hi! I've searched the forums but did not see a solution for my prob.

My friend has an old Victorian house built in 1901 and he is NOT tech savvy at all. The current setup is: Verizon FIOS as the provider/ an Actiontec wireless router installed upstairs/ a new Kodak A10 wireless printer and Toshiba Satellite laptop running Win 7 downstairs - wireless connection. (FYI, he had the only network connection installed upstairs because that's where their old Dell was...). He created a office downstairs where the laptop is but now there is no network connection and he cannot connect to the printer which is close by.

Just to troubleshoot, I took the laptop upstairs and had him try to print a document when he was close to the router - sure enough, the document printed downstairs. Based on what I've seen the issue appears to be with the router (It's probably poor signal) and/ or wireless card on the Toshiba. Because this is an older structure with both old gas lamp/ electrical utilities (inactive) and other things in the walls, it's certain any signal that does make it downstairs is highly attenuated. And location options for other equipment is limited because their are few electrical outlets in the house overall.

This is a fully restored, custom built Victorian inside and out, so I can't just put something anywhere I please. Also, because they are not tech savvy, I need a quick and effective solution that they cannot mess up. So if you know of a 'Uber' strong solution that will work for in this environment then hit me back ASAP!

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What signal strength is it showing on the laptop both upstairs and down stairs?
Right Click on the Network/Wireless Icon in the bottom right (near clock)
Network and Sharing
It should show you Wireless connection and a Signal Bar.

As you say, it most likely a poor signal.

If this is the case, you could run a Network cable from the main Router to downstairs.

You will then have an option of either getting another router or network Switch and connect the downstairs equipment to it.

When you say printer is close? Do you mean close to the laptop or the Dell Machine?

Can you tell me, is the DELL not wireless?

Once last thing I forgot to ask, what Wireless Speeds are you Router and Laptop Wireless Card, e.g B,G or N ?

Let me clarify this..

Because of the configuration of the house and the single network connection upstairs, I cannot lay a run through the house. I also know the owner would not appreciate having a cable snaking down the stairs and across the house. At this point, it appears the best option will be to install a Netgear 600 AV Dual-band Gigabit N-router which should provide the needed signal. It may be overkill in some respects, but it has been recommended as having great range and strength.

As I stated previously, both the printer and laptop are situated downstairs on the other side of the house from where the router is located upstairs. The laptop has zero connectivity at that location. Also, there is no Dell computer whatsoever - it was replaced by the laptop.


Thanks for clearing that up.

It maybe your best solution but make sure it hooks up to the Verzion equipment.

You may also consider increasing the Wireless range by a Wireless Access point direct below the main router, then the other downstair equipment can connect to it.

You can get what you buyinng to communicate in this way also.

The Actionic router communicates wirelessly just fine with the printer downstairs, and the Tosh lappy when it is upstairs, but not downstairs. Tosh is the problem. Cabling, plumbing will have no effect whatsoever on the signal strength. Carry the lappy about and see where the signal dies. Just back a bit is the new location for the office.. :)


I did think about that, reason why I asked what Wireless speeds are the equipment.

Wanted to rule out if the Tosh needed a N USB Adapter, but needed the info first.

It maybe your best solution but make sure it hooks up to the Verzion equipment.

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