i want to ask if it is possible that one can sniff the first request packet that i send or he cannot???
i think he can sniff the traffic but not the request, is that right???
please if any thing not clear in my question please tell me to clear it
thanks in advance to any help

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It'll depend on what you're trying to do and whether it's legit as we can't really give support otherwise.

To analyse network data I find that Ethereal is useful.


Network sniffing, if the network sniffer, I use Wireshark, is in capture mode then all packets on that network segment will be able to be viewed. But you need to understand how different network devices Switches, Routers and Hubs work both wireless and wired to understand why you may not be able to see some traffic that you may expect to be there. If you need help with this look at the videos on the Wireshark website and look at the manual, it is possible to do things with Wireshark and Ethereal that probably would not go down well with some, like capture plaintext passwords or email messages but to get to understand how networking works its a great tool.

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