We have a point to point connection going from a regional office to the main office this is provided by a Service Provider. In our office we have an ISP and what we need to prevent from happening is that if the internet drops from the ISP we could somehow re-direct the internet traffic through this point to point connection and make it so that our Internet connection is pulled from the main office. Is this possible, if so is any hardware needed? is it just a matter of re-configuring? please assist! Thank you.

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Can you explain your situation using punctuation as well. I can hardly understand, sorry for the inconvenice.

So can you access internet? Which office can access internet? Main office or Regional Office? State other networking problem also


sorry for the in-proper english hopefully this will be better.

I have a leased line that provides ptp connection to Main office

In branch office I have an Internet Provider A

In Main office I have an Internet Provider B

I am currently in the Main office what we need is to set up a failover solution with a cisco small business rt. (don't know if that is a possibility)

In case that our ISP drops we need to be able to keep an active connection to the Internet.

Therefore we need to know if if is possible to re-route Network Traffic using the ptp so that our internet requests are pulled from the Branch office ISP


so you need help in setting up a failover solution to prevent your internet server from crashing and still have internet access, right?

--> Therefore we need to know if if is possible to re-route Network Traffic using the ptp so that our internet requests are pulled from the Branch office ISP

I am not sure about that. Are you looking for a hardware or virtualisation failover solution? Are you using DNS failover or others?

there are many softwares out there that can do this.

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I've been looking over this all weekend and came to a dead end on re-directing the NT traffic through the leased line.

I've come to see that a failover can be done but there must be two ISPs.

The solution I've managed to come up with as a failover has been to get an on demand ISP and also keep our regular ISP, that way if the regular ISP fails we then will use our on-demand ISP to provide the internet service.

We will be avoiding a monthly rent and still have a back up solution.

I hope that now getting the on-demand service will not be too much of a hastle! Thanks Jingda for your support :)


You are welcome. Also, a software can also provided internet connection to you when your first ISP is done but its much costly than having another ISP. Good luck:)


You sound a bit vague. But the way you suggest will require you to have two internet connections separately. It may not be a very good practice in the long run to solve your problem.

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