hi guys

can u help me plz

what is my network type

i am so so so disappointed

my ping in game is always 300-400

yet my download speed is 3-4MB/S

i captured this pix from my network place

why i can see other computers also ???

how can i separate mine from them ?????????????

plz help



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Those two metrics are not necessarily related. Ping is round-trip latency, ie "it takes 300ms to send a packet then receive a response from the host". As you begin downloading it increases congestion on the line and results and in higher packet round-trip times.

This is probably a question of geography -- are you in .EU playing on a .US server? If so then 300ms may be a reasonable RTT for a packet to traverse the atlantic.

Where are you located and what is the IP address of the game server?


thanx for answer

well, i am in asia , in singapore,

when i want to play games like battlefield bad company 2 or call of duty

my ping is so so so bad

although the server is in singapore , means it`s only few KM away from my place.

i showed my network setting to one of my friends

he said the setting of ur network is wrong , as caused by every signal u order, it goes to all the other computers on ur network

but he has no idea , how to solve this

any idea ??????


Yo and welcome to daniweb. Nice meeting another Singaporean here as i am from Singapore too. So how many problems you have? Might sound a bit retarted but you have two now. How about the file sharing problem? Do you know how to turn it on?

Ping from 300-400 is quite common. Beside pingin to the game server try other websites or other game server too. You can test your download speed again here to double check.

Since you are in Singapore same as me. I would like to discuss with you above something. Information i need to know.

1) Where are you staying exactly. Just name the MRT station like Jurong, Bedok or near the town area.
2) What is your internet speed and does other laptops or computer when connecting to the same network have the same problem. Test it out on another laptop to check the download speed
3) IDA are not introducing the Fibre Optic Network system to some parts in Singapore. The Fibre Optic plan is suppose to improve internet speed but for the next month or so, your internet coneection will be a bit slow so goes for your download speed. This depends on your location. Only some areas are affected

Best of luck to you:)


thanks for reply .

the problem is that i checked on friend internet , who is using a different ISP , and in his setting he can not view other people on his network ,

i found that my ping improve to 80-90

and my respond time in the games became superb

so as i realized ,as long as my network , is having this setting

my ping would be bad

as i mentioned before, that a friend of mine checked my computer

and he said , that every signal goes out of my PC , it must pass by all other PCs on the same network

although i can not login to their computers, and neither they can to mine

but it seems that there is something wrong with this setting

any advice from experts plz


Can you tell us what is your settings and can you please answer my question and sknake questions above. And do not leave a line after every sentence. Thanks.

i dont know what is my setting
but you can see the result
you can see all the computers linked to my router
any idea how to make my line only pass to the router ?

What is there so many computers link to your router? Did you create a private network on something or other people is using your router and internet? You still have not answer my questions.

1) I need to know your internet speed.
2) What router you are staying
3) Which part of Singapore do you live in. Norht, south or central
4) Confirm your download speed again. Do a speed test at http://www.speedtest.net/
5) Go to your router control panel and see anything you have changed before. If not reset everything to default and compare what settings have been changed

Exactly. You have to provide specific answers to these Qs. You cannot view others computer because the fils sharing is turned OFF. It is clear from that attachment.
What kinda network is this? This cannot be a personal network

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