I have the new Xbox S, and I am using the built in wireless to play online. When connected I usually have fine connection however my connection often drops out on my Xbox. The problem I believe is the connection between my Xbox and the router as they are on opposite sides of my house. According to Halo my upstream bandwidth is also bad but packet loss is excellent.

Anyway, my question. Would using a powerline adapter increase the speed and general reliability/stability of my connection to my Xbox? or is there another underlying issue with my connection

Wired is out of the question. Any advive would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Evesy

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Yes a powerline adapter could increase the the network connection. Can you check what is your network speed. And do a ping test to see whether the problem does not lies with the router.

How about web browsing, is the internet speed fine or does the internet connection always drop?

Ping test: http://gyazo.com/eee59c04baf8d2140ded867fb6006a02.png

Wireless connection speed: 24.0 Mbps

On my laptop browsing is generally fast and I don't have issues with connection. It just seems to be that the router and Xbox struggle to stay connected, which I assumed was because of the distance. On that ping test I see I had a lot of packet loss however on my Xbox, Halo statistics say my packet loss is low/excellent so I'm unsure.

Packets loss can be due to poor internet connection or the distance. Seems like your Xbox is a bit out of range. You can check with your router to see what is the connection range. Range is usually stated on the top of the router and other reasons. But since your computer is working fine we can canceled out other causes. Try to move your router close to your xbox and see whether that helps

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