What are the benefits of novell? Benefits as things you can't do with windows normally, or linux normall, and etc.

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When i think of novell... i think of security. Novell IS the most secure system there is. It doesnt even need the TCP/IP protocol (its optional)... so no threts there. The IPX protocol has to be one of the fastest protocols too. In addition, i think of management. It is so easy to configure users, manage printers, manage intranets, etc. etc. Most of the management comes from nwadmn32.exe (sys:system\win32). Any other questions.. I'll be happy to respond. For more information go to http://www.novell.com

hehe we used nwadmin32.exe hehe.

If I homework questions I going to post questions here lol rofl.

Also did you know Nimda affected everything execpt Novell hehe I learning eh?

Well.... Your half right. It did affect novell, because the Windows clients attached to it copied infected files to it. Novell it self wasn't infected, but any Win32 computer that ran the file off the novell server was. But, if ya had either Computer Associates InoculateIT for Netware (which I DONT recommend) or Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition (which is amazingly written, and is a solid complete network antivirus tool) you wouldn't have been infected.

hehe ok man not a book please lol jk. My teacher told me that or should I say Prof Bhola

Maybe one day I'll ask you a question (prob to humor you though :) ;) :) )

lol maybe... lol hehe your a good guy Tek and I will thank you after this semester is done maybe I will send you some Blank CD's you down for something like that?

Simple Terms Novell is for User Management Period. not for browseing the Internet

Simple analogy...

Active directory is like climbing mount everest
Novell eDirectory is like walking on flat, level land!

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