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thanx 4 the link inscissor - not so sure its The Ultimate site, but its definitely an interesting url. :D


Well, It's not the ultimate site on Networking, but it's got a hell of a lot of killer tips than any other site I've seen so far.


it may b bustin out w/411 - and if ur braggin on it i'm sure it actually is *quite* useful, but the site looks really dated - doesnt matter if it was made yesterday, the layout looks old and it is poorly implemented. w/the way the site looks 1 has 2 wonder just how current the underlying info is, and as such, the content becomes suspect. unfortunately it is a lot 2 do w/presentation. jmho.


Take notice that I named this post "Networking tips" and not "Layout of the site on Networking tips." I was referring to content. Most of the sites on the internet with really good juicy content are usually just crappy text documents and very simple layouts.

Outdated? If you call a page that was last updated this same month last week... I hate to imagine your concept of time! =)

Example: http://is-it-true.org/nt/nt2000/hottips.shtml

Tips on Windows XP are outdated? How long has XP been out? Fifty years? hehe ;)



Ok, sorry I misread one of the previous posts. Dani pointed that out. Sorry for being an idiot on that. =)
Dani is holding a gun right now and making me write this as we speak...


2 Funny! its ok, we're all entitled 2b an idiot from time2time - its just when its a habit that its a bit problematic! hehehe!!! ;D

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