I use a couple of usenet groups on google groups and post there as well.
There are a lot of real people there who keep posting nonsensical stuff for fun.
But they aren't bots or anything and they don't copy paste,they just say things to other posters.

What happened was this one such user made a post about me with my
IP address,my Location,city,latitude Longitude,what kind of internet I use,and some other info.

There was no point in doing that but he/she simply did it.

Now my question is how did s/he,being an ordinary user get all that information about me.
Am I not anonymous on the web?Is there any danger now?

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You are never really anonymous on the web. Hence all the browser proxy servers and vpn services available for people who wish to obfuscate their identity.

All of that information can be obtained from simple analysis of your IP address, which is (as a matter of necessity) passed to the server with every web request. I'd say that person is just messing with you, and it is not really anything to worry about. This type of thing happens all the time, particularly on "hacker" forums and the like.

Hey Hearth.Thanks for your reply.
But is it possible for a fellow user to view another one's IP address which you is passed to the server on every request?

Hey Hearth.Thanks for your reply.
But is it possible for a fellow user to view another one's IP address which you is passed to the server on every request?

If you talking about the IP address in HTML browsing. It seem to be no way people could view other people ip, unless you are the one own the server which the request is passed thru your server.

People can use anonymous ip to browse via proxy, but some websites had equipped with some sort of proxy detection mechanism to filter out those proxy. Nothing should be worry about your identity being tracked down. But if you afraid your ip was recorded as proxy, here is one link you can check http://www.ip2proxy.com. Or, you can search the proxy detection on web for more sites to visit and confirm.

Hey. thanks!
I was wondering how a guy who doesn't own the server got hold of my ip address.

No offense chrislim2888, but you aren't 100% correct.

Below is the header information from a post on a Google group. While the specific details are irrelevant, it clearly shows email address, server name, ip address and a variety of other data that could be used to track a users virtual identity. The amount of information a person could glean from this depends on their intent, interest, and technical skill. Given that Google groups operates based on email, and email always contains IP data in the header, there is not much you can do besides looking into an anonymous server host of some sort.

However, the type of information you are talking about theguitarist, requires virtually no skill and only minimal knowledge to obtain and represents little threat to you. Geo-spacial data for example can be obtained from a number of free services once they know the source IP address.

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Thanks for pointing out. Yes, if you refer to email tracking, then there are many free sites that allow you to trace route to the origin of sender via email header.

Thank You Hearth and chrislim!

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