I have 1 PC and 1 Laptop in a configuration below:
Internet -- ADSL Modem + Router - Laptop

Everything is fine with laptop, the connection to the internet is normal. But things are different on the PC.

I can connect to the network and can ping the internet, i get a reply from pinging the www, eg. www.yahoo.com
But from the browser, not all website i can browse. for example i can browse to www.asia1.com but i can't browse to www.yahoo.com.
The error page from IE shows: IE cannot display the webpage

Some troubleshooting that i have done:
- replace the ADSL modem + router (1 device)
- swap the network cable
- install new NIC on the PC
- use different browser (firefox)
- reinstall Windows XP SP2

Currently my PC is filled only with OS Windows XP SP2 only.

Please help... I'm getting desperate now

cheers - han

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Thanks for the reply.
The problem is solved already.
It turns out that the MRU setting wasn't saved during configuration, so when the modem was rebooted, the setting was back to the default. Default value is 1492 and the working configuration value is 1432.

One thing that I still don't understand is why my laptop able to connect to the internet perfectly.

Anyway thanks again.

cheers - dan

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