Suntech is new company that is going to launch its operations in Ruwi Muscat soon. Suntech urgently needs a new LAN to be installed in their four (4) storied building in Ruwi. They applied for internet connection from Omantel and Omantel gave them internet connection with IP address Your company specialized in providing network solutions in Oman and you are the network specialist working for this company. You are therefore given the responsibility to implement the network for Suntech Company.
During your first visit to Suntech Company for fact finding mission about what their network requirements are, they furnished you with the details given on tables 1, 2 and 3.
The company has five (5) departments namely Human Resource, Sales, Finance, Marketing and Operations.
One of the departments is Human Resource Management. They sometimes interview applicants by video conferencing. Human resource needs this application to be implemented on this new network.
 Make a detailed diagrammatic design for the network.
 The diagram should show the host IP addresses for the five departments, the subnet IDs and the broadcast addresses for each department.
 Finally you should design your proposed network and implement it by using packet tracer.

 Test that the network is working and all users can communicate with one another.
Make a detailed report on your assignment. The report should have introduction, some literature review on the network devices that you have chosen eg. ATM, CISCO, 3COM etc, and make conclusion.

Locations, user numbers Human Resource (20), Sales (28), Marketing (15),
Finance (17) and Operations (12)
Cost/Funding Less than R.O. 20,000
Table 1
Applications Application Categories
(capacity/availability/delay if applies) Application Locations
Application A:
Web sever Best-effort,
Interactive burst (100Kbps) All Departments
Application B:
E-mail Best-effort, interactive (300 Kbps) All Departments
Application C:
Sales Best-effort
Interactive Bulk (30 Kbps) Sales department
Table 2
Hosts/Devices Type of Hosts/Equipment Numbers & Locations
Host A PC Human Resource (20), Sales (28), Marketing (15), Finance (17) and Operations (12)
Host B Sales server (App C) Sales department.
Host C Web server (App A) Accessible to all departments
Host D E-mail server (App B) Accessible to all departments
Table 3

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