I have a 5 year old Linksys wireless router (G, I think) connected to a cable modem (that I replaced with today through my ISP in an attempt to fix this problem).

The problem: For 5 years I have had no connection issues but over the last 2 months the I can only maintain my internet connection for about an hour at a time on any device. The connection to the router is always present but the internet connection is lost. If I power down the modem and router then the connection returns for another hour. I have changed the wireless channel twice on the router but have done nothing else to the router in the last 5 years.

I'm ready to go buy a new router tomorrow but thought I'd ask for some advice before dropping the money on something that may not fix the problem.


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A few things to check.

Have you moved the router to a new location? It should be kept high off the floor because the high frequency signal can interfere with its self if close to a reflective surface (concrete floor or FireWall).

Is the modem hot? Usually when they they fail it is due to an internal circuit that overheats and causes problems. It could also be a solder joint that has cracked and when it gets hot expands and breaks the connection. But a hot modem is a sure sign of old age and failure.

Do you have any new electronic equipment in the house (or in your neighbours house) such as cordless phones, Wireless speakers, wi-fi music service, etc. It could be interference from another wireless device. Although you did mention that you changed channels and it did not help.

Hope this helps...

Thanks for the suggestions. The router is not hot (warm, but not hot). I have not moved the router. It still sits about 5 feet off the ground. I have not added any new electronic equipment but I don't know about my neighbors.

I upgraded the firmware last night after posting this and still had my connection drop a little later.

By the way, I have a Linksys WRT54GS v.5 with the latest firmware available on Cisco's website.

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