Hello all . I have a few simple one or two questions. I'm wondering what the limitations of a web server are. say i have xamp with apache in it running hooked up the the folder i usually put my web, sites on, can i type in my ip address in a browser, and go view that folder or its contents on another computer?

I would assume if its possible it might look like this http://ip:port. Is that correct format?

Is it possible to view a web site that has no domain name assigned to it? I'm asking this for many different reasons and different projects.

thanks all.

It is possible but there are limitations. You have to have directory listings turned on and you have to have a web server like IIS or Apache installed. You don't have to go that route if you share the directory inside windows and limit the users to those with accounts and passwords then you can map that directory on any other system as a drive.