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My system is windows 7 professional. From today my internet is not working. LAN connection is fine. Wireless also fine. I use internet through my university LAN. I have dual boot with Win XP, when i boot to Win XP, internet is working fine. When i change the network cable to another Win 7 PC also working fine. I checked all places, everywhere working fine. Recently i install Chinese antivirus program "360" (www.360.cn) and it has another programs and always connecting to the internet. I thought that the problem from those software, and I uninstalled. But problem is remaining. Can anyone help me to solve this. I am posting this the same PC and same network connection, but using Win XP. If I boot Win 7, internet is not working. Please help me.

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So, WinXP works, Win7 does not, correct? If so, then check your network settings for TCP/IP to make sure you are getting a proper DHCP address from the school's network infrastructure, or has a valid static IP address. Look at the XP network settings that work, and make sure your Win7 settings are the same.

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