Hi, my computer is a Compaq Presario 1900 and it requires a modem to connect to the internet, the modem is a high speed linksys ae1000
and works fine, just not on my computer all the time. The problem is that the modem detects my network with excellent connection except
it won't connect to the internet at all! It has worked on the computer before, it was fast but for 2 or 3 days now it hasnt been connecting at all. By the way I have two internet routers in my house one called myqwest0163 and the other myqwest0163_EXT, i dont know
the differences but they both have the same connection and passcode.

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Modem? Sounds like you are describing a wireless connection. How is this computer actually connected to the local network?

i dont get what you mean

I am a bit confused by your description. If the computer is directly connected to a modem for Internet connectivity, I don't see where two routers participate in your network. You mentioned about detecting your network...what network, your local network? If so how are you connected to your network if you are using a modem?

Maybe the confusion is with the terminology.

Linksys AE1000 is a wireless adapter which is connected to the computer.
I think you have a Quest Internet modem/router which is broadcasting the wireless network.
What is the operating system on your computer?
Do you get any error message?
Try to remove the network profile an add it manually. Do you have any other wireless computer in the network?

If you connect to the Qwest modem directly (with an ethernet cable), can you get internet then?

Have you tried power-cycling the modem/router (off for at least 90 seconds)? The reason I ask, is that CenturyLink in this are has needed a power-cycle several times since the IPv6 update to connect.

A few of my clients and friends have needed a modem replacement from CenturyLink (per CenturyLink tech support) to get a solid connection. This is not universally true, however.

It would help us narrow this down if you also answer the other responders questions.

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