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I am having what seems to be a very common issue with Vista. I have searched the internet and have found many topics on this problem, but none of the suggestions I have read have worked for me. The problem is, this particular computer will not connect to the wireless signal coming from the wireless router. If I plug it into the router, it works fine. Other computers in the house work fine with the wireless. Those computers are running Windows 7 and Windows XP. As I said before, I have tried many of the methods suggested to try and fix this. Any other suggestions?

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Can you show me the links or what suggestion you have tried because I do not want to repeat them again. Is the wifi switch turn on at the side of your laptop or are you using a desktop PC.

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I have the same problem
I cant see any wireless connection in 'connect to a network'
its been hidden
though they are shown in other devices or windows versions
I think vista has a feature that will hide all wireless connections due to move up the security
do you know anything about this issue ?
I searched a lot to find but ....

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