I'm creating my own small business , I need to know what is needed for IT. Ex: What servers to buy , software involved in that , how are connections established and that stuff? If any can help me by giving me information about IT in Corporations I would be gratefull thanks.

If you are staring a business, you may want to think about what are the services that you need for your business to run. IT is there as a tool to help achieve those goals.

If you can be more specific as to what type of business you will be creating, a better recommendation can be given to you.

Of course, when it comes to IT services, most businesses need email, and a web presence. Internal business applications all depend on what you are doing for your business.

I need basically to host a website , also I need Email service and Database Services .

GoDaddy is also very popular. You'll find many providers that will offer you a website, email, and access to a backend DB for a few dollars a month on the shared hosted platform.

many of the providers will offer a linux/php/mysql package. A few also provide windows/asp.net/mssql.

@JorgeM Thanks For Helping. So , I basically need ASP.net hosting , do u have any suggestions ?

So, for asp.net hosting, I have gone with GoDaddy a few times on their shared Windows platform. My experience has been fairly good with them. They have provided good customer support. Keep in mind on a shared platform, you are at the mercy of the server and the shared webs. This past year, I have had 3 interruptions caused by either a problem on one of their web servers (they run a load balanced farm), or a problem caused by someone else's web. This is going to be true with any shared hosting product you go with.

I have also used Arvixe. They are very good as well.

while the bulk of my business is not web focused, again, I have used different providers and have found a similar experience. They all just about provide the same features for about the same cost. The good thing is that many of them do not require long term contracts and its easy to move between providers.

Before you partner up with any specific provider, just buy a month or two and try them out. Its good to have a "dev" type domain name that you can point to different web servers without having to impact your customers. Get a .info domain name for dev/testing as they appear to be the cheapest at the moment.

As you build your web precense, then you need to really focus on the specific business requirements and which provider can meet those needs for the best price and customer service.

Aside from the two that I mentioned, there are quite a bit of others that I have heard are good for hosting. do some reading, research, and again...just test them out.