When i bought my laptop it had window xp with wi-fi internet.
Recently i installed window vista in it. And internet not working . I installed network adpater driver and modem driver. But wi fi not working. My laptop having turn on/off wi fi switch key on front. But it has yellow color means not working. I tried to switch on but not working.

I cann't understand what problem is this? i checked drivers all are installed in it.
I havn't install bluetooth driver in it. Is this a problem or something else which i m missing for connect my laptop for wi fi .

Can you plz help me

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My first guess is that you have not installed the chipset drivers for your motherboard for Vista. Without them the wifi driver will not be able to communicate with the wifi device through the motherboard.

Check your device manager. Right click My Computer - Manage computer - device manager. If you see any yellow symbols on the devices, then it is most likely missing a driver. If you have your laptop/pc model. You can go to the site for support and download the latest drivers (which you should do for all devices anyway) and install those.

i have acer laptop and wifi drivers showing in yellow on device manager and wifi not working properly what can i do for that please anyone help me and where from i download drivers for acer laptop please please help me :( showing wifi virtual device in This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31) please help me

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