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Hey, I'm new here and could use some help.

I just moved into a new apartment, and I need some help getting my wireless network set up. I cannot access the internet through my router. The internet is provided through my apartment complex, so I don't have the modem or anything, just the ethernet jack in the wall. I can connect if I hook up the ethernet cord directly to my computer, but I cannot connect to the internet when I hook up my wireless router. My macbook does connect to the network, but it does not allow me to access the web. The router does recognize when it is connected to the internet, because the light goes on. I also tried my router at a friend's house to see if it worked elsewhere, and it did, no problems. Any ideas? Thanks!

I have a linksys router and a macbook pro.

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check with aptmt,manager maybe they have something done so you cant use a wireless router on there system

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I was able to get it by changing the ip address of the router...turns out the apt manager uses a router and somehow using the same ip address was causing some interference? I don't really know, but it works now, so thanks!

your welocmr ,happy computing

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