Hi folks,

I'm unable to open web pages in any browser (Firefox or IE) - I get the message "server not found." I have a little portable router I plug into my USB slot and I just had it checked; it works fine. I can use it to connect, but no pages will open.

I've pinged my IP, which works (not really sure what that means, honestly). I don't have Norton, and I've disabled my firewall and my security software (Security Essentials). Got any ideas?

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Update: working through this lovely website, I've learned that:

"[Ping request could not find host]
This error message means that the destination host name cannot be resolved. Verify the name and the availability of DNS or WINS servers."

I can ping IP addresses and my own DNS servers, but not remote hosts (like google.com). Can anyone give me advice on where to go from here?

For you to be able to access a resource by hostname (DNS name), you need to have your computer configured to point to at least one DNS server. If this computer is on your LAN and you have a typical consumer based router, you should be receiving the TCP/IP configuration from that router.

Make sure that you have not assigned a static IP configuration to this computer. If you do not know how to do this, take a look at this video I had prepared which covers the different components of the TCP/IP properties found on the NIC tab.

Microsoft TCP IP Configuration Overview | Video

The preferred configuration is to set your NIC to DHCP so that your NIC gets automatically configured by negotiating the IP lease with your DHCP server (the router in your case).

This configuration should include the DNS server that you need to point to, to resolve hostnames to IP addresses.

How DNS Works | Tutorial

Hope that helps you get started.

Try resetting the Internet properties and settings.

Hi guys,

I was just able to open your video, JorgeM, but now it seems that my computer isn't even recognizing the device, so I can't change the network adapter settings. I installed Motorola's Device Manager but it was having errors and closing every few seconds so I disabled it. Help me!

Hi linn,
Are you able to ping a host on the internet (not the hostname but its I.P), for example, can you ping

Yes I can, but as you can see from my earlier post, my computer no longer even recognizes the device.

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