i have a networked printer. LAN pc's (those usin ethernet cables) can browse and locate the printer on the server, BUT.. those laptops' and desktops connected via wireless, they cant find the printer.Everything used to be fine, until we had a power cut last week, i managed to get everything up and running, except the fact that machines connected through wireless cannot use the networked printer. The worst part is that i inherited the network from the previous employee, he never briefed me on the network structure etc..so some things i just trace by myself.

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You need to start with some basic network troubleshooting. For example, can you PING the server hosting the printer from the wireless devices?


It is possible to connect, the laptops and PCs connected to wireless, to the printer connected to LAN. You need to cofigure the wireless routhers accordigly as done for LAN connectivity. There would be some differnces in case, like protocols and connectivity ports, but the basic terminology would be same.

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