On my workplace in last 5 days there is some block when I open youtube.com or facebook.com. It looks like this:


on every video I open. I don't use facebook so that is not big loss for me;) but I would like to know how can I "skip" this blockade because I need access to youtube.

Many thanks in advance for prompt replies!

It depends on how the "block" has been implemented.

If the block has been put in place using URL Filtering at your perimeter firewall, or by using a Firewall and Proxy design, you are out of luck unless those administrators provide you access.

In some cases, if HTTPS is being allowed through your network without inspection, people get around these issues by piggy-backing an open proxy server on the Internet.

Without more detailed information, its hard to give you the best answer.

o to a website known as unlockyoutube.com and see urself the steps of unlocking youtubesite.


Thank you, I will check this for sure and let you know if it works out.


Well..this seems like the admin blockage and you cannot help it. The only probability if it not, could be a flash player problem. Have you tried it on another browser ? If not, try out


It is no flash player or different browser, it's block from administrator.

Farest I could go is this page

unblockanything (dot) com

which starts the video but it is to slow and almost doen't work.

Any other suggestion is welcome to solve this problem.

Thank you.

It appears that your administrator is blocking HTTP (port 80) to youtube, but as you can see you can get to the site using HTTPS (443). The reason is most likely that they are not intercepting and decrypting the SSL traffic (which can be done, but be careful if they do because they would have the ability to decrypt traffic to any HTTPS site including financial web sites).

After you make the connection you are still not able to see the video. This is probably because something in the rule set is preventing that traffic from passing.

You should note that if your organization has an information security policy, you should adhere to it. Trying to circumvent the policies could get you terminated if stated in the company policies. I would look into that if I were you.


Thank you very much for direct reply!

Plase note that I have already made request for exception for my PC because my workplace requires access to youtube because I find many useful tutorials regarding IT but I am still waiting for administrator which is very busy at the momment, to add me to exception list.
In meantime, while I wait I would like to have access to youtube but I don't know how? I tried with unblockanything (dot) com but to slow. Can you suggest me any similar solution?

Many thanks in advance.


Worked like a charm!;)

Thank you adn all the others for help!

Yes, I have read your question. Youtube is blocked on your PC. You can any youtube unblocker. You can also try some youtube proxy to unblock the youtube. Even you are not getting site then here is one blog http://www.youtubeunblocked.net which have given complete guide and 20+ way to unblock youtube. If you have any more question then you can ask?

Hotspot shield is one of top free VPNs to unblock YouTube.
If you can afford though, a paid VPN is a lot more convenient and easy to use. You can get them for as low as $3 per month.

Pure VPN comes for just $2.45 per month.

Apaert from VPNS there are few other ways to unblock blocked sites like YouTube.

I use raj net but i don't youtube videos or facebook.
please solve this.
how to unblock youtube or facebook site.

Go for the Browsec extension for chrome if that ain't restricted either. Alternatively you can always go through a proxy site. Look them up on google ...