I have a problem about my internet connection constantly cutting out. We bought a new computer to replace our old one (and there's 2 others in the house). Now whenever the new one is turned on along with one of the other two computers, the internet connection keeps cutting out. I would say the connection goes dead about 80% of the time (on & off) once the new computer plus another is turned on. The second we turn one of them off, the connection immediately goes back to normal. Even with just the new one on, everything is perfectly fine.

So my question is: does this mean I need a new modem to handle the power of the new computer + one of the old ones, or do I need a new router? Any advice would be great (other than "get rid of the new computer & put back the old one" :D)

scan your all three computer, becuase one of the three could be infaced with virus this may be the reason of losing internet connectivity.

How do you know it isn't a problem with your internet provider? I assume you are using a home router? If not, does your ISP have a limit on the number of active connections?

Just like to add. I had a similar problem. It is something to do with the cheap router your ISP supplies. I'm not 100% sure. The amount of active connections from a router to the internet will be 1 and that will be 1 i.p address. You should be able to have multiple wireless devices connected at once and however many lan connections your router can take, but the bandwidth of the router will be reduced. What type of router do you have? Is it wireless G rated or N Rated. What happens if you connect one of the pc's to a lan port? give it a go, it is soooo much faster.