Hi all,

I have att internet (not u-verse) just the internet servie with a 2wire modem-router combo. I'm sick and tired of seeing on my computer that the connection was lost just way too often, every 3 or 5 minutes. I went to check on the logs and I see there's a big amount of this:

fw,fwmon: src= dst= ipprot=6 sport=34557 dport=3389 Unknown inbound session stopped
fw,fwmon: src= dst= ipprot=6 sport=25842 dport=3389 Unknown inbound session stopped

it goes on and on...

I can't find enough informatin about it. I don't have any p2p programs in my computer so that is ruled out.

Is this something happening with my computer or am I being persistently attacked or anyone knows what is it?

Thank you for your help!

I have att internet (DSL) also. When this happens, it is usually due to a problem with the trunk wiring in the neighborhood. Call tech support and have them dispatch a service technician to fix it. ATT support office people have tools to check the health of the link to your location, so they can tell if there is a physical issue (or other) to deal with. You know that old saw - the sqeeky wheel gets the grease! :-)

I see, thank you for that info. I just don't want them inside my house. See, I used to have both phone and internet with them but then I got vonage and the day they cut the phone line, they also cut the internet (oops they said). Once they got it back on, magically my internet started having issues. They were very uncooperative about it over the phone, always pushing for a paid visit inside to change wires.

They did in fact schedule the visits, five technicians came inside the house and found nothing wrong. Yet the people on the phone kept pushing for an issue inside in order to have me pay $100 dollars. Completely opposite to what each technician told me. After the fifth technician, I called att again and that's when I was "suggested" I should get my phone back with them in order to get that issue fixed, I remember the rep. saying "just saying, sounds logical... no?". That's when I filed a complain with the Better Business Bureau. It all sounded just way off, haven't finished my bachelor's in computer science but this didn't smell right.

Next day after filing the complain, ATT called me saying they were sending a technician again to see what was going on. The technician and an area supervisor dropped by.

This time, they magically realized the wall jack wasn't good... Same tools, same procedure, but I guess their other five technicians had faulty testers. They changed the jack and the internet came back to normal for a few months.

Of course the wall jack thing was pure BS, clearly a cover up. But just sharing my story with the world just in case it happens to anyone else.