Hi all

from this post you will soon realise that I am very inexperienced with regards to Networking. So any easy to undestand and help given would be much appreciated.

At the moment I have cable Internet via NTL in the UK with a DSL modem and wireless router (Belkin). I have a laptop which I use to access the internet by wireless. I have 2 seperate USB external hard drives (Freecom) to back up my valuable data from my laptop.

What I would like to do is the following:

Be able to back up my data wirelessly from my laptop (fed up with having to keep getting back up drives out of cupboard and plug into laptop)

Access a printer wirelessly without having to buy a wireless printer I have a canon HL 1530D
(fed up with having to keep getting printer out of cupboard and plug into laptop)

Ideally what hardware could I plug into my belkin router (or do I have to buy another router also)

Ideally I would like the printer in a bedroom
The hardware (back up device etc) being plugged into the router in another room
I would not be able to connect the router to a printer by wire but the hard drive device etc
could be (lack of space)

I have seen on the internet that you can buy devices that you can use the house wiring as a network could this work if so how?

Would I need a PC plugged into router to be able to do?

If this is not clear please let me know.

Thanks for any help


room 1


router/modem back up devices


room 2


printer (unable to use network cable to connect)



Any room

laptop access to printer & back up devices and internet

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I'm not sure about the wireless backup devices, I would guess you would plug them into a desktop that is wired into the network and then map them as a network drive from your laptops...

As far as the printer goes, you need a wireless print server. I have seen them for under a $100. You would plug the print server into the printer, where ever you want it to be and then the wireless router would connect to it.

Hope this helps,


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