I was wondering if anyone can help... I cannot access the Internet on my laptop. Firstly I am terrible with technology so be kind to me...

Came home to find my Internet wouldn't work, switched router on and off (yes I waited 20 seconds) but kept getting no Internet come up, ran several diagnostics that come back saying either the connectivity between my router, access point, Internet is broken. Or that a cable isn't working or that my ip addy isn't recognised... I the changed cable from telephone point and router but it works for about 2 mins then I'm told I have no Internet access again (I have wireless network access). I then rebooted my rooter and reinstalled it, all was fine for 10 mins (said connected to Internet and I torrent working) then same thing happened...

I've tried connecting via cable and it would connect to the Internet but I couldn't load any websites. However u torrent is working.

What on earth is going on?!

Can you try some basic troubleshooting by opening a command prompt. Type PING google.com? Do you get a response. If so, you are connected to the internet.

Not being able to browse can be caused by a variety of issues. First thing to check is for malware. Do you have an antimalware client installed? Is it up to date? I would suggest that you download and scan your computer with Malwarebytes. Is your windows OS up to date on patches? not sure, visit windowsupdate.microsoft.com

Looks like you need to update your anti-virus. If you are using MS windows then get microsoft essentials from:

Or try to ping any website from your command promt. In case it is responding then you have connectivity to internet.

From your problem discription I understand that your torrent is still downloading something, may be you total internet bandwidth is being consumed by the torrent. So click on 'Pause' to that torrent and try to acces any site.

If you still find issue better you contact your Internet service privider.