I have two pc at home .I am trying to share my internet connection, myBro from smart, to the two pc using a switch hub but my problem is that when the two computer is using the internet they can't connect simultaneously .When 1 computer connects and then the other is trying to connect, it goes to the login page of myBro as well as that other computer.

I don't know how to solve this .I need your help. Thank you.

Get a router to handle the connection. It can use what is called NAT (Network Address Translation) to translate LAN (local network) addresses and allow all the computers connected to the LAN to access the internet without problems. You will need to configure your computers to use DHCP or (if not mobile devices) LAN static addresses that are in the LAN subnet address range (eyes glazing yet?). The router will provide IP addresses for these systems on the LAN, and when they connect to the internet, the router will know how to route messages between them and the internet, and vice versa. This also provides much better security since outside agents (malware) will not so easily compromise your systems.

thank you for your response but i still have some questions .how to configure the two computers to use DHCP or LAN static addresses ? .i am using windows xp .is it not possible to use just the switch hub and access the internet simultaneously?


What you need is a router instead of a hub or switch. The router will manage the conection to the WAN (internet) and give each of you a local connection (LAN) and address. With a router your internet provider will only see the one connection from the router and your computers will see the router as their gateway to the internet. Here is a site that gives the description in more detail:

thank you for your replies .so i have to use the router instead of the hub for me to share the internet without problems, right ?
thank you.