My internet browsers and internet browsing related software (such as updaters and uninstallers and installers) just won't open...

I only have two internet browsers Firefox(Mostly used) and Google Chrome.

Everytime I try to open it, the cursor will turn into the "Working in desktop" cursor for half a second to 3 seconds...

I tried to monitor the process in the Task Manager...

firefox.exe or chrome.exe will appear for half a second to 3 seconds in the processes but not on the running applications. Memory (Private Working Set) is random but in between 300K-500K. Same goes for the updaters and installers.

All my online games work. Updating other software without the browser also works.

I am running on Windows 7 Home Premium

on an HP Pavillion dm 1 laptop.

I have no antivirus software whatsoever (aside the ones that came with the computer. But it was the kind that was just for the money). I have always dealt with viruses on my own.

I assume though that it is a sabotage virus... otherwise a simple computer error...

i have tried most of the solutions posted on this and other sites but none work.

Pinging websites work with successful replies.

netsh int ip reset reset.log - failed saying I should run it as administrator even though I am on an administrator account. And that there are no user specified settings to be reset.

netsh winsock reset catalog - was successful but did not fix any problems nor made any visibile change whatsoever.

My internet browsers and internet browsing-related software won't open in Safe Mode either.

I humbly ask of your assistance as I am in desperate need of help.

Thank you in advance.

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Might not be the first time somebody has suggested this, but have you tried running them in Compatibility mode?


Or I guess that doen't matter. reset.log is just a file to write to.
I hate networking.. too complex.

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@colliebob... As I have said, I cannot open any internet browser-related software such as updaters and installers... surely that includes safe mode and compatibility mode... I tried anyway but still nothing...

@Bigpaw Malwarebytes removed a lot from my PC but one of them seems to stick around my AppData\Local\Temp folder... everytime I delete it with Malwarebytes, it just comes back with a new name but same format as a .tmp file... latest one is ppa9896.tmp... but like I said... name keeps changing...

I have also tried Super Antispyware but it won't open...

@Caperjack... just like Malwarebytes... rogue killer removed stuff from my PC... The registry is clean now... but doesn't fix my problem...

@gerbil... well... I just copy-pasted that from a different site... All I did was netsh int ip reset... then restarted my comp...

I was able to get netsh int ip reset to work... but to no avail... the problem stands...

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I solved it. All I did was replace the Mozilla Firefox and Google folders with ones from another computer...

But thanks anyway for all your input...

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