Its been a while since I've posted,but within this time period I've discovered a controversy that still leaves me unconfirmed.All the modifications to my ACPI x86 system have been done under my original warranty of 3 years, but all I wanted to know is why and for who.I can't say for who to prevent more problems however I've confirmed for myself that the environmental variables in the systems variables are intended for the virtualization situation that has me very concerned if I'm hindering the Industry. A Bel Arc audit of my computer showed that my device roles are that of a DHCP web server browse master and my own DNS server.My L.A.N. ip address is that of a Default Gateway Local Area Network Connection and in the winver are software terms that have disclaimers as a multiplexing pooling computer for the Visual Standards and the VC-1 decoding with all the MPEG-4 and Virtual Independant Applications have as a software distributor with no awareness since I purchased my P.C. until May of 2012 . Now isn't this something I should've known before I tried to assure my protection, unavailability and accessability to my computer? It sure would have prevented my unwanted situation. I'm actually in the Manufacturing of Aerospace componants Industry and my job search engines turn up Java Engineer,Systems Analyst and ASP.NET programmer.I've sent information out to seek information and I'm concerned if I sent to much information to the wrong parties however I always have covered myself by making these documents on my computer that at first stated from an assumption based on a sequence of past events. My most recent information has been from findings in my local disc C:\windows\inf...and manifest folders. Now I'm looking into the settings for the detection of HAL and the PCI lock in the advanced options of the boot start up and the number of processors with the consideration of the Industry and my best interest. It should would be nice to be included in my computers capabilities and the doors it can open for myself.

I've read your post and have no idea what it is you are talking about. Are you asking a question, or need help with something about your computer?

i feel like OP is a bot