I have a few friends in China that are looking to access Facebook and Youtube, which are blocked by the Great Firewall of China. There are a few programs out there that bypass the firewall by automatically setting up a connection to a proxy (they only affect HTTP traffic, not messengers and such). I don't really like these programs, as I feel they are a bit intrusive on the computer.

Seeing how I am outside the firewall, I would like to setup my computer as a server for them to bounce web traffic off of. I know a little about networking, but am by no means an IT professional. Can someone give me a simple solution? I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. Oh, and an added twist, my friends need to be able to access my server from iPhones too (they cannot install Cydia, as it is blocked too).

My broadband router is already setup with DynDNS.org as it is not on a static IP and I know how to forward ports to my laptop.

I've tried setting up Win7 to accept incoming VPN connections and connect to it from my iPhone, but once I do there is no internet connectivity.

I've tried setting up HTTP Tunnel (from Sourceforge.net) and connecting to it as a proxy on my iPhone, but instead of a "No connectivity" message, I get a webpage that says "Not found:/www.yahoo.com/".

Any clue as to what I am doing wrong?

You mean aside from committing a felony and breaking your ISP's TOS? If you really don't know that much about it, I'd suggest you learn how to setup a secure proxy. By the time you learn enough about what's involved, you'll realize they'd be better off just using Tor.

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