hey guys i am getting a REST ERROR CODE -5?i am using Origin Client and i cant login in the client Its says you are not online though i am.So i wanted to know is this error from my side or is it a error in their client.The error i am getting is RESR ERROR CODE-5.please let me know if you know anything about it.

In LAN connections, problems arise when drivers are not compatible with your pc. If connection is breaking oftenly then there is hardware problem.

No,my internet is working perfectly fine drivers are compatible and network is not breakind down.

Ok i dont know if it matters or not.But when i am redirected to Orign websites i have to Refresh the link about 5 times to connect to Origin.Does this mean anything?

not sure what it means but it wouldnot hurt to check you comoputer for malware/trojans .i suggest you download and run superantimalware.free edition Click Here

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