Recently i found an old router, which has its passwords changed.But i don't remember them so i tried hard reset.

But what ever I do it doesnt work.

I read this guide and it requires telnet to but it just says "Can't connect"

Can anyone say how to configure the NIC correctly so that i may telnet to that address ?

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According to the Doc, you have to connect to the WAN port. Did you make sure that you connected to the WAN port instead of a regular port?

If you get no response on telnet, that means that the target is not listening in that port, or you did not configure your PC's NIC with a 192.168.1.x address.

Yes i configured the IPv4 Address to and connected to the wan port but still no responce.
I even did a ping -t on and it's always "dest. unreach."
I don't know if I shud set the default gateway to something.

If your ip is .100 and the target is .179, no gateway is needed, assuming your subnet mask is Both ips are on the same subnet. The doc also referenced that the router defaults back to Can you plug the pc in a regular port and ping that IP. If no response, I would think it was not successfully reset back to defaults.

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