I have this problem - when I turn on my PC, and also later at random, I get an error message about not being able to connect to the DNS server. It sometimes helps if i type ipconfig /flushdns, however just temporarily. I am using my ISP's DNS server. After contacting them, they gave me another address, yet the problem still persists. They say that they see no problem at their end? What could be possibly causing this problem?


Does this happen with any other PC on your network? If not, its likely a problem with your PC. Try updating the NIC's device driver. Have you tried a different NIC?

Are you on a home wifi network or wired network? If you find yourself without DNS, quickly go to CMD prompt and do a ipconfig /all. This will show if you still have an IP address and what your DNS servers should be. Take that DNS server IP and ping it. Can you hit it? Next try an "NSLOOKUP <dns ip>" then type in any site name like www.google.com and see if you get an IP address for resolution.

If your suspect your ISP dns, you can use any pubnlic one like or

I would check to see if you have any additiona. devices in your house doing DHCP. PErhaps another device is serving up addresses but has bad dns info. Ipconfig /all will also give you the dhcp server from which you acquired the address.

1) I tried using public DNS like Google servers, does not help.
2) ISP's DNS pings nicely, 0% loss
3) Updates NIC driver, no help.
4) Tried some other advices on web in cmd, no help still.
5) Tried with another PC, the same issue occurred. Starting to think it's really ISP's fault.

I really have no idea what happens here. Could it be hardwares fault? The PC is rather new, only 3 months and this issue hs there for like 5 days or so.

If you have multiple PCs having the same problem, it could be your internet router. When you encounter the issue, immediately reboot the router and see if it clears up. If it doesnt, focus on the router, if it doesnt, then continue working with your ISP.

CAn you take the laptop/pc that is failing at your location to another location with free wifi and check if you get DNS resolution there. IF you do, then it's not the PC and you can focus on your network or the ISP.

It could be that cause youare uing your ISP DNS you are being disconnected from the DNS by them as a security reason I have seen this before with ISP DNS server they will often not leave connections open.

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