Im using windows 7 as my host OS and uses a VMware to run Backtrack 5 r3 inside it, my problem is I can't connect my backtrack to my windows 7's network so that I can connect to other PCs connected in the same network. I need to accomplish that because I'm studying Pentesting

Re: Connect Guest OS to Host OS's Network 80 80

On VMware, you will need to configure the network interface card so it is bridged on the same adapter as your host computer. I am not familiar with the VMware interface to tell you exactly what to click on, but the overall concept is the same with all of the desktop virtual apps. If you want all of the nodes on the same subnet to communicate with the guest VM, the interface for the virtual app needs to be configure in a bridged mode and then the guest VM needs to have an ipconfiguration that is compatible with the other hosts on the network.

Re: Connect Guest OS to Host OS's Network 80 80
1)Keep the VMnets the same for Guest and Host OSs, i mean if u use the VMnet8 in in you Host OS, then use the Same VMnet8 for ur Guest OS too, 
2) use the same class IPs for both sides (i.e. Host OS's VMnet8 IP= and the Guest OS's VMnet8 IP=, so you can communicate.
3) Enable the ( "Allow connections to this computer") on both sides, i.e. Guest and Host.
4) Ping Guest OS from Host and vice versa, to check if it works,
that is it, it will surely work
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