Back home for the summer, and I can't get a decent signal in my room at the far side of the house. I can't move the modem any nearer, and found out that I had a Belkin 2.4GHz 802.11g wireless AP knocking around. Is it actually possible to use this as a repeater for my 802.11n sky modem?

At the moment, I plug it in, and it doesn't pick up any signal to bounce, at all. I would hate to fork out £30 odd for a 802.11n repeater...

And ideas?

to use it, it will have to be wired [using cat5 network cable ]to your sky modem,then move it as close as possible tou your room , and setup as access point on the computer the sky modem is setup on

Belkin 2.4GHz 802.11g wireless AP

No way to link it wirelessly?
And I tried it wired, but the connection from the AP came up unsecured. I can't get into the AP's web based interface to change anything settings...

Any ideas on how to secure it?

Look up the documentation to reset the Belkin back to defaults. Their website should have the info you need with regard to the default IP it will assign itself so you can connect to it and access the admin interface with the default user id and password.

That access point is not design to be a bridge as you are inquiring about. It would have to be wired into your network and will just be another AP on your LAN. you could either assign the same SSID or a different one so that you can distinguish the two from each other.